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District Office

1018 C Street, Suite 210
Galt, CA  95632
(209)-744-4545 Phone / (209)-744-4553 Fax

District Office Directory by Title

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Accounts Payable, Connie Valencia  ext. 329

Accounts Receivable, Danielle Newman  ext. 341

Administrative Assistant to Curriculum, April Haren  ext. 307

Administrative Assistant to Educational Services, Amy Havens  ext. 303

Administrative Assistant to CBO/HR, Alicia Valdovinos  ext. 345

Behavior Analyst, Leigh Ann Van Cleave  ext. 344

Bilingual Office Assistant, Maria Hurtado  ext. 315

Budget Technician, Deanna Sanders  ext. 343

Curriculum/Superintendent District Office Clerk II, Susan Padilla  ext. 338

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Kauai Bock  ext. 308

Expanded Learning District Coordinator, Lori Jones  ext. 332

Expanded Learning/Technology District Office Clerk II, Jennifer Giordano  ext. 331

Fiscal Services Supervisor, Brenda Bachmann  ext. 317

Food & Nutrition District Clerk, Kathryn Flores  ext. 321

Food & Nutrition Supervisor, Nick Svoboda ext. 320

Human Resources Coordinator, Stephanie Semas ext. 316

Information Systems Technician, Kristine Baptista  ext. 330

Payroll Technician (A-L), Susan Pamplona ext. 319

Payroll Technician (M-Z), Stella Shelley  ext. 318

Personnel Technician, Irma Garcia  ext. 305

Program Specialist, Stephanie Gutierrez  ext. 339

Purchasing Technician, Tiffany Rich  ext. 333

Technology Coordinator, Minh Do  ext. 325

Technology Assistant, Trevor Papineau  ext. 337

Technology Assistant, Michael Washabaugh ext. 334

Transportation Clerk, Liz Sailors  209-744-5242

Transportation Dispatcher, Ashley Beckwith  209-744-5243

Transportation Instructor/Dispatcher, Lisa Mestayer  209-744-5244

Transportation Supervisor, Michelle Trujillo   209-744-5245

Warehouse, Bill Beckett  ext. 323                                                     

Business Hours: 
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

District Leadership Team

Lois Yount

Chief Business Official,
Nicole Lorenz

Director of Curriculum,
Claudia Del Toro-Anguiano

Director of Educational Services,
Donna Mayo-Whitlock