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Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance and Operations Department

Nicole Lorenz, Chief Business Official
Alicia Valdovinos, Administrative Assistant - 209-744-4545 ext. 345

For questions and support you can also contact: 

Custodial - Jennifer Giordano  209-744-4545 x331
Groundskeeping - Susan Padia  209-744-4545 x338
Maintenance - Tiffany Rich  209-744-4545 x333


1018 C Street, Ste 210
Galt, CA 95632

Maintenance - Gregory Gibson
Maintenance - Jason Harcourt
Maintenance - Stanford Sagert
Grounds - Stephan Wolfe
Grounds - Kevin Harcourt
Grounds - Juan Castellanos

Work Orders

If you need to create or check the status of a maintenance work order, sign in to MyTechDesk.
Employees can only create a work order when connected to the network.
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California Energy Commission

Proposition 39 Expenditure Plan Summary



Integrated Pest Management Plan

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to pest management that focuses on long-term pest prevention and takes advantage of all pest management strategies using pesticides only when absolutely necessary. Using IPM techniques saves money, time, and minimizes potential pesticide exposure to people and the environment.

The IPM Coordinator is a school district employee who helps to ensure that the district is meeting the requirements of the California Healthy Schools Act (HSA), including creating an IPM Plan. An IPM Plan provides information about how pests are managed at each school district and includes a list of proposed pesticides for the school year.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan

The Maintenance and Operations Department is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all district facilities and grounds. The department includes the entire GJUESD custodial fleet, maintenance crews and grounds workers.  This department works closely with Facilities and the Transportation Department.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Material Safety Data Sheets

Fight Bac (Used with Electrostatic Sprayer)
Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate

Personal Protective Inventory

PPE Inventory Form

Facilities and Planning

Facilities and Planning