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Venmo Usage Policy

Venmo Usage Policy

Galt JUESD Venmo Account Guidelines

Galt JUESD Venmo Account Guidelines

Account Usage:
  • Our Venmo account is solely for donations and fundraisers.
  • It cannot be used for fees, uniforms, tuition, etc.
  • Include the school site name with donations; otherwise, it goes to the district-wide fund.

  • Not for selling goods or receiving student fees.
  • Not for transactions requiring record-keeping.
  • Find our Venmo info only on the school's website.

Important Disclaimer:
"To protect yourself from fraud, any Venmo account, link, or QR code not on our official school or district website is not affiliated with us."


  • Question: Can I use QR Codes at Events:

Answer: No direct QR code to Venmo; must redirect to school website.

  • Question: Can I use it to accept Summer Science Camp Payment for students:

Answer: No, Venmo is for transactions without record-keeping; handle this as you would normally do to track payments for students.

  • Question: Can I use it for a $200 Donation:

Answer: Yes, if no tax deduction is intended; otherwise, use district donation forms on the website.

  • Question: Can I use it to raise money for charity outside the school?

Answer: No, school site funds are to be used for the school site the donation was intended for.

  • Question: Can I use the venmo account to pay for library fees?

Answer: No, the venmo account is not used for student fees.
If you have any questions, please contact us at