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Employee Assistance Program

Starting July 1, 2023, SIA will offer a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Optum. Look for an email coming soon from Human Resources that lists more details on these benefits and will connect you to your new EAP.
Optum Employee Assistance Flyer Optum Employee Assistance Flyer

Employee Health Benefits & Rates

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2024 Health Plan Rates

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     2024 Employee Benefits Guide Flyer web link attached

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Retirements should be given with sufficient notice to allow for an effective
transition. If you plan on retiring, be sure to contact
either CalSTRS or CalPERS a few months ahead of your planned
retirement date.  Retiree health benefits vary by bargaining unit — refer to
Human Resources for more information. 
Employees interested in financial advice on voluntary retirement options
can request information from the following providers recommended most by
the District:
If you wish to research the District's approved vendors without the support
of a financial advisor, you may do so using the links provided.  You must
contact a vendor from the approved list to open an account before initiating
The appropriate salary reduction form must be completed and submitted to
the payroll department at to initiate contributions.

Additional Resources